how it work
The following steps are required to download the Free Digital Signature Certificate from FreeDSC.com
  • The user has to install our FreeDSC.com Signing and Download application, which could be found at following link https://www.freedsc.com/download-app/
  • The user would have insert an mToken USB Device to any available USB Port, the mToken could be purchased from a company near you, the list is available here https://www.freedsc.com/india
  • The application would detect the validity of the USB Device.
  • Please enter the license key and choose the process of Dsc.
  • The application would then prompt user to enter the Aadhar Number.
  • An OTP would be generated and sent to user mobile.
  • Please enter the OTP.
  • The details of the Applicant would be shown on the screen.
  • Please enter the PAN Number and Download Key.
  • It would ask applicant to record a video, with a predefined content.
  • Once the video is approved, applicant can download the certificate from the download application.
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